Posted by: Websites Direct | July 17, 2012

Want a Great Company Reputation? Earn it!

Do you know what your reputation is?  With all the different social media and good and bad comments on products, service and experience, are you afraid to be listed?  Many of you may be reluctant to get online due to the possibility of negative reviews but this is a myth.  The reality is that social media will help your business show up online whether there are negative or positive posts.  You just have to be sure to respond to the negative posts in a positive manner so others can see that you are exceptional!  Use these types of postings as opportunities to show others how you handle situations and go above and beyond what other companies may do.  Use this to create your great reputation and showcase how you are one those companies who post everything – not just the good about your company.  Social Media, word of mouth advertising and stories will all determine your future and equal your reputation.  What are you doing to create an exceptional vs. great or good reputation in your industry?

If you need help or ideas on how to give your company a better online presence, please contact us.  Have a great day.


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