Posted by: Websites Direct | April 2, 2012

SEO and Sticking With the Basics – Sometimes less is more….

So many new technologies keep coming out and so many new suggestions on how you can get your website to be on the main page but everything always goes back to the basics which are:

1.  Meta Tags –  are a MUST for getting your site listed with the correct keywords/phrases. The content that is positioned in the top portion of your meta tags or source code of your web page will be given the most prominence.  These are your Title and Description section.  I see so many sites without any of these and they are losing out.

2.  Alt-Tags – these are the description of those pictures you are using.  Use the alt-text section to match up the keywords in your meta tags and let the search engines know those are the reason your site exists!

3.  Keep these same keywords and phrases in the first part of your website.  Some people use the <H1> tags or header tags to accentuate keywords.

Be careful not to overdue it!  If you barrage the search engines with too many keywords and phrases and pages, then you will get punished since it will be considered spamming.  Use best practices when creating your website and remember to keep the keywords and phrases in your text content on the main page and be sure your information is relevant to the reader so you get listed higher in the search engines.

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