Posted by: Websites Direct | March 12, 2011

Meta Tags – What are They?

Meta tags are very important to a website and one of the aspects that many people don’t know about.  Your title tag is the most important and is what shows up in your computers browser window and in the online search engine results.  It is in the source code of your website and looks like this: <title>Websites Direct – web design services in Denver, CO</title> You can view your meta tags by clicking on the toolbar at the top of any computers website browser when you are on a site.  Click on ‘view’ then choose ‘source’ and a new window will pop up with the source code of the website.  You will see the meta tags in the first part of the code.  Some will just have a title tag and others will have all the necessary meta tags to be found in the search engines.  Why are these tags important?

1.  The title tag along with the keywords are used in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. to rank your website.  If you are selling computers then your title and meta tag keywords would have to do with computers so online purchasers looking for computers online can find  you.  If you don’t have these tags, how will you get found?

2.  The title tag usually has to be within a certain amount of characters. You want to be sure your title tag, keywords and content of the page match for the best search engine ranking.

3.  You want to try and target specific areas.  If you do business in Denver, Co then be sure to add that into your keywords.  It is  much easier to get ranked in the search engines if you are more specific.  You can create separate pages for targeted keyword rankings and should have separate meta tags on pages that have different information.

As you can see, there is a lot to learn about meta tags.  This is a basic overview of how important they are to a website.  Be sure to ask your web designer if they include these tags in the website.  If they do not, ask them how your website will be found in the search engines!  Websites Direct, LLC includes your meta tags and also submits to the top search engines.  We also set you up with a Google business listing which helps you start getting listed in the Google search engines immediately.

Are you keeping up with your competition?  Do you know what your website meta tags look like?  If you have any questions or want a free website report, contact us and we will let you know how your website is doing.  Have a great day!


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