Posted by: Websites Direct | October 10, 2010

How long will it take for my website to be found in the search engines after SEO?

This is the question Website Direct, LLC  is asked most when we do our website optimization special, “How long will it take for you to show me results?” Typically, the answer varies based on how old your site is and much competition there is for high volume keywords.  Tthere are considerably more elements to this answer like age of domain name and website, etc. but these are the main two factors.

If you just purchased your domain name and have a new website, it will likely be difficult to gain the necessary “trust” for rankings for your competitive terms for at least three months, but often closer to six to nine months. There is really no magic time frame unless you are willing to pay a SEO/SEM service that guarantees first page placement.  For the sake of this article, we are assuming you are doing ‘organic’ listings and not PPC.  Also, if the SEO infrastructure is not set up properly from day one then you will be dead in the water before you even start!

If we are doing a redesign or new SEO, setting unrealistic expectations will only lead to disappointment. Not only should SEO professionals take time to explain the best and worst possible scenarios, but these projections should be updated as crawling and indexing patterns get established.

How Quickly Do Search Engines Crawl/Index a Redesigned Site?

From our experience, when we launch a website we automatically create a Google listing which typically gets you listed within 12 hours.  We are not sure of the time on Bing and Yahoo but assume is close to Google’s.  Getting listed does not mean  you are on the main page and is dependent on how many others are using the same keywords/phrases.

How Difficult is it to Maintain Current Rankings After Launch?

For new domains, brand terms should rank after the first crawl but not typically first on a page but, a unique brand name should have relatively no problem ranking first in a short period of time.

If you have a website but are not sure if your page is optimized for the search engines, contact us for your FREE website report card.


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