Posted by: Websites Direct | September 28, 2010

What is website ‘spidering’ and how do I get listed in the search engines?

Search Engines

Search Engines utilize a software, often referred to as a Robot or Spider, which crawls the web in search of new or updated pages to index. They constantly crawl the web until they have indexed every page. When submitting your web site, you will only be required to enter your URL or website address and the robot will spider your site and record the full text of every page within your site. It will continue on and follow any external links you may have on your site and eventually index every site on the Web.  We use a sofware that will submit your website pages to the search engines for you and optimize your meta tags so the ‘spiders’ know how often to come back and update your website information.

Although the spiders will eventually find your site, it may take quite some time. Submitting your URL will speed up the process.


In order for your web site to be listed in a directory, you must register it. They do not search and index the web or spider your web site. You must fill out a form and manually submit each page of your web site.

Directories are usually set up in categories and subcategories and will contain a “Add URL” link within each category. To register your web page, browse through the categories until you find an appropriate category for your site, then go to the “Add URL” link and fill out the submission form.

At Websites Direct, LLC we take care of all the above and more for you with all of our website packages – after all, what good is a website if nobody can find it!  Contact us for more information or if you want a free consultation to see how your website can get found online today.


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