Posted by: Websites Direct | May 31, 2010

How Can Facebook Help My Business?

Three Ways that Facebook can help your business:

1.  Facebook is a great way to ineract with your consumers.  The easiest way to interact with consumers on Facebook is to launch a Fan page.  Aside from setting up a  place for users to talk about your products, the page also lets you communicate important and relevant information to your consumers.

2.  Facebook is a valuable source of data.  Facebook offers page administrators “page insights” that provide you with analytics of the page including the number of visits, how long they stay on your page and how many fans you have or had. 

3.  Facebook can help you target advertising since you can make ads for each keyword or phrase so you can have different ads going to different people depending on their age and interests.

Facebook fan pages are about creating conversation with your consumers and finding a way to integrate yourself into their lives.  This page will engage people to post comments and discussions that may or may not be positive but this is how business is done and you can then in turn respond with your version of the situation or how the complaint/negative comment was remedied.  Of course if someone is just posting junk you can remove it but if you remove all negative comments this will cause people to leave your fan page since it will look to ‘staged’.  Complaints can be turned positive by communicating to consumers  how great your customer care is and what you did to resolve the issue.  It might seem difficult or time-consuming at first but if you respond well to people this will get more and more people to start using your fan page and they will become even more dedicated to your product or service.  You can even create a fan page about someone elses business or product!

Facebook has overtaken Yahoo as the second most visited site on the web as of January, 2010 so if you are not using this tool to market yourself or your business you are missing out on a lot of available business!

content from Website Magazine submitted by: Websites Direct, LLC


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