Posted by: Websites Direct | May 9, 2010

What is Social Networking?

So what IS Social Networking?

Think of high school and the different groups of people there- the jocks, geeks, social butterflies, etc. These cliques are social groups and you may have been a member of none of these groups or one or several.

Our world is full of these same networks – high school or college alumni, fraternities and sororities, work place, or town or state affiliations. You may not have a lot in common with the people in your network and some you may never meet in person, but developing these connections will help your business grow.

Social media is not just online and includes collaborations with other offline marketing and public relations campaigns. Often, offline social media is a better commitment after considering your budget, market and target audience, and utilizing actual human interactions like community events, in-person business networking groups or the Chamber of Commerce meetings can be a good strategy.

Online social media is a collection of modern social networking opportunities and can be used in any occupation – restaurants, retail stores or service-oriented businesses. Online opportunities include:

Through listening and interacting with your customer base, social media is extremely useful for building your reputation and increasing trust. For more information please go to
-Article courtesy of Natalie Carpenter, Red Humpy Design


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